The obscure SEO opportunity you’ve probably never thought about

SEO markets are becoming saturated and much harder to rank than a couple of years ago. It’s something we all know to be true.

Especially in English, if you want to have even the slightest chance to rank you need to have a ton of backlinks and tick all of Google boxes.

But what if I tell you there’s a niche that’s almost unexplored and if you know SEO you’re fully equipped to charge head on and get success quickly.

Immigrant SEO

It’s 2021, there are plenty of countries in which immigrants are a significant percentage of the population. A lot of these immigrants struggle with the language of their new home country and often prefer doing searches in their own language.

Who are these countries?

Now, here comes the thing. You need to find the perfect one for your new website based on what languages you can use.

Here are some ideas which countries and languages you can target:

Arabic -> France, Germany, and even the US
Turkish-> Germany, Austria, Netherlands
Spanish-> The US, Germany, France

The way I’d personally do it is by cross-checking diasporas in Wikipedia and Ahrefs results for some typical words.


Now, let’s do a simple check using Ahrefs and take advantage of their global search volume.

Word of choice would be “Turkish food” -> “türk yemekleri”

In the Netherlands there’s literally not even one website that targets those keywords, check this out:

100, 40 searches per month isn’t a lot you say.

Yes, that’s true but I’d argue searches are way more than this. You can never fully trust Ahrefs because the tool simply cannot account for all searches.

Just a simple article on cooking beans gets 400 monthly views only from Germany and I’m sure it’s at least 2x more than that knowing how GSC data compares to Ahrefs in Germany.

Take actions now

What makes this opportunity incredible is the fact that many immigrants struggle to adapt to life in their new country. Any kind of service that’s done in their own native language makes them buy way easily and trust way more. So conversion rate is going to be significantly higher.

The amount of options here is a ton. And because nobody is really putting any effort into doing this, most niches are wide open for you to take over. I expect this opportunity to diminish a lot in the next 10 years and become much harder to rank so now is the perfect moment to go for it.

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